Friday, March 09, 2012

Making Fairies and Other Things

Hello! Here we are again, and I can't think of anything interesting to say. We've had a busy week, with trips to Halifax, play dates, craft club, breastfeeding group, story time at the library, family matters, and trips to the park. Whew! It's been go, go, go all week long. No wonder I just want to curl up in bed and lie down for a week.

Griffin and I were there when Holly laughed a real proper laugh for the first time. I got to tell him all about how she just made a fairy, and then about how he made a fairy too, when he was a baby (perhaps only major fans of Peter Pan will understand that reference - if you haven't read the book, I can only recommend it with my whole heart.)

And although Winter is definitely not over yet, we have been overjoyed to see the arrival of the first little signs of spring. The air is definitely smelling sweeter these days. (There is exactly one snowdrop currently blossoming in our yard.) It has left me dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of the beach. We were there last week, but only managed about five minutes before dashing madly back to the car to get out of the biting cold wind. Still, I say, with all the optimism of one in the depths of winter, 'not long now!'

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