Friday, June 10, 2011

Water balloons = fun.

Hey! I just figured out how to do storyboards, but forgot that Blogger would shrink them to tiny. Sigh. I'll have to do it on the photography blog instead (speaking of which - just uploaded the latest session - engagement photos!) I've been spending some time revamping that site, and generally getting more organized.
The photos above are from the Spring Fling the elementary school put on last Saturday. Griffin loved it, although a lot of the things were a little too old for him. Water balloons, though? Too much fun! Plus, he got a car tattoo, which he has shown to almost everyone he has encountered in the past six days. He's getting a little worried, though, as it's almost all gone. He's keeping a close eye on it.
This has been a busy week! I did engagement photos, went to the accountant, and the doctor, got the garden somewhat started, redesigned my logo and started a photo marketing course, taught a yoga class, shopped at the farmer's market (first strawberries!!!!!!), took a field trip to Fort Anne, and got a bunch of people and a bunch of plants together to plant bushes into our natural playground. Whew! There's still two whole days! My immediate plan, however, is to put my feet up and read a book, at least until this nap time ends. Bye for now!

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Sew Bored said...

Sorry, boring comment, but *how* do you get your photos like that? What's the trick? I can't get mine to go side by side!

Hope you and bump are well! x x x rachel