Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Pre-Easter Update

Oh, how terrible, to be leaving it so long between posts.
The problem, you see, is the time it takes to process the pictures. I've been leaving my camera on the RAW setting, so the pictures are gi-normous, and all need to be re-sized before posting. I just don't want to leave it on the smaller setting, and then forget when it actually counts. Hmph.
Anyway, that little problem will be solved when I get my NEW camera, which has multiple custom settings. Someone was thinking. But for the next month or so, I either have to suck it up or post pictures intermittently (and rather lazily.)
In the meantime, life continues along here rather much the same as usual. Griffin died his first Easter egg this morning at our family group. He loved it, but still refuses to actually eat egg, regardless of how it's cooked.
Jai fried some eggs up the other night, and I put a bit on Griffin's plate. There was a piece of yolk, which he kept insisting on calling a peach. We kept saying "No Griffin, it's an egg - try it, it's yummy," but he would put it back down and look disgusted. Finally when he tried to tell us for the tenth time in a row that that bit of yellow on the end of his fork was in fact a peach, I decided not to correct him and see what happened. "Peach, peach, peach" and into the mouth it went. I thought, maybe this way he'll at least try it and realize that it's good. Not so much. He spat it right out with the most amazing look of complete and total disgust, and declared in his loudest voice, while shaking his head from side to side, and grimacing, "It's an egg!!!" Nothing has ever been so disgusting in the history of the world (apparently.)
Other than turning his nose up at eggs in every form, Griffin has been pretty busy. We've been out and about, now that the weather is slowly improving, and Griffin has been bringing his wagon everywhere. It's a little plastic wagon that I pulled out of the Spring Clean-Up last year. It's just the right size for him, and he loves it. It might be his favourite thing, ever. And if there is anything cuter than a little boy, in gumboots and a winter coat, holding his Daddy's hand and pulling a wagon full of treasures down the street, I've certainly never encountered it. (Pictures forthcoming...)
We have a bunch of big weekends in a row coming up here. This weekend we're off to the city to celebrate Easter with Grandma and Grandpa, and the weekend after that we're off to Mexico, and the weekend after that we come home, and Griffin turns two. TWO! Wow. I'm sure I'll have more to say about that later! But for now... wow.

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Debbie Jin Yu said...

Better don't have egg if not will be three.