Friday, March 18, 2011

The Good Stuff

Hello! What a lot of time has passed, it seems, since my last blog post. Well, I guess it was only a week, but still... What full days we've been having! I couldn't possibly record it all here, but I thought I better try and set some of it down. Let's see.... We spent last weekend in Halifax, visiting.
Mom and I spent a day-and-a-half attending a basketry course put on by the Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, and if you ever find a lovelier bunch of ladies anywhere, I might have trouble believing you. We made willow Easter baskets, and it was so much fun! I did bring my camera with me, so here's some pics:

We both came away with a total desire to learn more. I love stuff like that - Mom compared it to knitting and she is totally right. You start with something really basic, a pile of twigs, or a really long piece of string, and you end up with something totally functional. It's making at it's most fundamental.
And other than that, we've been busy with much of the same stuff - reading stories (we've already read through two stories since I started this post) - can't get enough stories.

And playing with trucks.

You know, the good stuff.


Lola said...

cute shoes :) I've been wanting to learn to make some baskets as I've got a whole bunch of sticks (*read* our whole property) that I want to use for something. Was it tricky?

sherrie said...

Fun, fun, fun! The basket making looks amazing! And also like you would need a lot of space around you. Your finished baskets are gorgeous. And of course, G is super cute. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, ok so this may be my second comment ... I love the book review posted on the 10th - I will head to Chapters this week! The book sounds like exactly what I'm looking to read these days, thanks! (I haven't figured out the 'add a comment' on that site so I'm adding it here.) Everyone else, I highly recommend basket making as your next new activity - my mind is filled with possibilities! XOXO M/J/G