Sunday, November 14, 2010

Racing Around, Occasional Progress is Made

It's not that late, but my brain is definitely screaming "Bedtime!!!" (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to type that sentence out!) It seems as though we have been on the go non-stop. Whipping up to Halifax to do a photo shoot, and whipping back to do Tween Night at the library. Whew! I also managed to squeeze in some time (thanks, Bob the Builder!) to finish up a couple more new pieces to take to the Gallery in Mahone Bay. Et Voila:

They don't have much left in their year, but it's worth a try. I think Christmas is usually a busy season for them.

The week coming up will be much of the same, as we are whipping off to Halifax again, to go to the Awards Banquet (yay!) and then whipping back to run a Geocaching workshop. Holy smokes, sometime I look around and think "how do I get myself into this?" But it's all good. Look at how fast the little one is moving these days!

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