Monday, May 03, 2010

The Griffin Shoot

Another mini photo shoot with Griffin. I've been trying to teach myself how to use Lightroom, and I think it's going pretty well. Mostly photos today :)
Some from the park, and some on our favourite bridge (it is Bridgetown, after all.)

Yes, that is a Christmas Sleeper.

I can't decide if I like the Black and White, or the colour.

I like both!

Anyway, I'll write an actual update soon. Hope you are well!


sherrieg said...

So cute! He looks like a wee escaped convict in the black and white ones. :)

fionakelly said...

The sleep suit converts really well to black and white. Really cute!

Anonymous said...

hi - I really like the black & white for the ones on the bridge - the lines in the wood and the lines on the outfit are a good blend ... I prefer the colour shot on the bottom photo as it shows the yellow of the dandelions... I like all the photos though - hopefully they will form part of your portfolio!!