Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another week, another project (or three)

Hello! Ah, still no baby yet. Less than a week to go until the due date now, though. I think I'd like a couple more days, but hopefully not a couple more weeks!
We spent most of today tidying up, and putting together some garbage bags for Spring Clean-up. We got the shed emptied out (no more styrofoam or broken glass - hooray!) and the fireplace ashes all cleaned out. We finally got all those bags of clothes dropped off at the appropriate location. All in all, a good start. Today it was actually HOT outside, and we had to stop for a popsicle break in the morning, and an ice cream break in the afternoon (although Jai didn't actually partake in the ice cream break:)

I've been spending most of the week trying to get some last minute stuff done. I actually got a day in the shop, although I must admit it wore me right out! I had the requisite doctor's appointment again this week (everything looks good still) and got a big grocery shopping done. After all that, I needed a break, and spent several hours yesterday sewing up a new diaper bag. I know, I already made a diaper bag, but I started using it, and decided that actually I would prefer a bag that didn't need to be carried. So I found this amazing tutorial:
and tried it out. It worked great, and I am SO happy with the result! I used a fabric I picked up at Frenchy's for the outside ($2.00) and the ProCare Barrier fabric for the inside, so the whole thing is waterproof and washing machine and dryer safe. It has four velcro pockets on the outside, one big zipper pocket on the back (zipper $0.25 at Frenchy's) and five elastic pockets on the inside. The web-site she bases the pattern on sells similar bags for $130, so I am feeling rather pleased with myself just at the moment. I took some pics of the bag:

Then of myself wearing the bag:

Plus a more profile, "belly" type shot, just to document how truly large I am at the moment!

Earlier in the week, I ordered a Japanese book of embroidery patterns, but I couldn't wait, and stole two of the patterns from the photos in the listing. One I used to make a book cover for our baby book. I already liked the book, but wanted something a little more personalized, so this is the result:

I liked it so much that I had to do another one. So I blew up another fuzzy drawing, and sewed up a little cover for my dayplanner.
These are such fun, easy, projects that they are quite satisfying. Plus, I always like anything that has to do with books :)
Tomorrow Brandon and Jo are picking us up, and we're all heading up to New Minas for breakfast at the brand new Cora's. Cora's, if you've never been, is one of the best breakfast places ever - everything comes with heaping piles of fresh delicious fruit, and I am drooling already! Anyway, I hope you all have an excellent week, and who knows...maybe next time I write, there will be a new member of the family to write about :)


Katie Belcher said...

You are so beautiful Lauren, and that bag is great! Good luck in the coming couple of weeks, I hope to see you soon!
big hugs to both (all three) of you!

sherrieg said...

The bag is fantastic! You did a beautiful job on it. And I love the book covers, too. Can't wait to see the wee one! (I think I've said that every time I've commented for the past month, just in case!)

Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

Nice bag! That will definitely come in handy. I really wanted one of those, but I was not going to spend the $140+... we soOOo need a Frenchy's out here... and of course someone with sewing skills ;) It's great to see photos of you!
Hugs, Christie

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks for the comments guys! It's so nice to hear from all of you :) I'm just going through the tedious process of applying for maternity leave, so it is great to take a break and read words of encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Great looking bag - and bump! The last bit's the hardest. Hopefully people won't be ringing you every day to ask why you still haven't had the baby - I recommend turning off the phone and ignoring email! But good luck if I don't speak to you before. Can't wait to hear the news! x x x

Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

Oh yeah, gotta love Service Canada. I was just checking Canada post to see how your package was, and it says it won't get there for another 2 weeks! argh. The lady said that's how long it would take in total, so much for that... I think it's going to vacation in Tahiti first. :)

Elizabeth said...

All right! Great job with the diaper bag. You're looking fab.

andrea the pomegranates said...

those journals look great!