Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello! I bet you're surprised to hear from me so soon! Well, I had to download the pictures anyway to do up an Etsy listing, so I thought, since I'm sitting here on the computer, I may as well post some of these pictures!
We had a very activity-filled weekend. We both got quite a few jobs done in the shop, which is always nice. Jai has been turning tops all weekend, and I have been finishing up some of the custom orders that have been waiting.

Then yesterday we headed out to Carolyn and River's house.

We made pizza in their handmade clay oven, and it was Delicious!

I took a million photos of their properties, they are both so nice. I had to share a few - first one of Carolyn in her studio, with some of her newly finished pieces.

Then some more scenery.

It sure is a lot of work to keep up two giant properties like that, though. Plus Jai and I both had wood ticks on us when we got back to the house. Blech! This does nothing to sell me on forging a path through the woods. So you can enjoy the scenery, without the disgusting wood ticks crawling underneath your clothes. (you're welcome!)

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