Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello! I'm just sitting down for a nice quiet hour or so. Jai has gone to work at the theatre, which is playing Sicko tonight. Jo and I are going to go see it in a couple of hours. This morning was full of action, as we hit the Library Book Sale, and picked up several gems (including my very own copy of 100 Years of Solitude - yay!) It was about half an hour of total chaos before we were swept out the door with our new purchases. Then it was off to the auction:

which is always entertaining at the very least. We picked up a couple of things we needed (a mirror for the bathroom vanity) and a couple of things we didn't (including a giant barrel full of broken furniture.) I was bidding on an amazing old tin sign, but I was completely outbid. Oh well, you can't win them all.
This week we have been trying to get busy in the shop. I finished a commissioned box, and Jai got a good start on his wholesale top order. Still, I almost always feel like we're running behind.

It rained all day today, so we didn't have to do the market, but it also meant the Ciderfest parade was cancelled. One of these years we are going to see it. They have been using some of the same floats for at least 65 years.
On Thursday I tripped in to Halifax with my friend Carolyn, mostly just running around doing business stuff (she's a craftsperson, too) but we did take the opportunity to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. Yum! Jai's cooking is definitely getting up there, though, it's starting to wreck restaurant experiences for me, as I had a crappy but expensive pizza for lunch.
I've just about finished up my wholesale order for Mahar Drygoods (, so it is going to feel really good to get that sent off.

The garden is still doing really well. The night I got back from Halifax, there was a big frost warning, so Jai and I went out at midnight with a flashlight, and pulled in as much stuff as we could. We have four giant tomatoe bushes hanging in the pantry right now. Plus a countertop filled with cucumbers. If anyone reading this is in the area, and wants a free cucumber, please let me know! To top it all off, it never did frost.

I also bought myself two rose bushes this week. I was feeling crappy after telling that lady I couldn't afford to build her giant maple television hutch for the quote I took on, so I had to stop at the nursery on the way home and do some retail therapy. They're so pretty, though! Hopefully I won't kill them both in the first year.

All right, I'm going to go eat some dinner, and find a sweater. It's starting to get a little chilly around here. Only a couple more weeks until we have an awesome new woodstove, though!!!!!!!!

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