Thursday, May 03, 2007

Riding Queen

It's Free Junk Month here in Nova Scotia! All month different towns and counties have a day where the citizens can put out 20 different items for pickup. Anything you want. Then people (like us) drive around and root through garbage piles picking up whatever they want/need. It's like a giant garbage swap. Above is a picture of my new bicycle! Jai got it for me today. It just needs a good cleaning, and some air in the tires, and then I will be a riding queen.
I rescued some dinosaurs from the junk we pulled out of the attic and set up a dinosaur park in our garden, too. As you can see, they are ferociously guarding my lilac implant.

Three cheers for junk!
Junk! Junk! Junk!


Anonymous said...

hi there - we've almost recovered from the Canucks' loss - next year! for the remainder of the year - go Ottawa Senators!! Enough about hockey -nice bike!
The Home Depot delivery charge from Halifax to Bridgetown is $350.00 - YOWZERS. The things you learn as you travel through life - that and doing jigsaw puzzles during hockey games does not mean the Canucks will win. Sheesh - what's left? Take Care XOXO Mom/Joc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! $350 from Halifax to Bridgetown is completely insane. You could probably ship it from Victoria for less! Thanks for trying anyway. It's a pretty bike isn't it? I'm going to name it Queenie! Love Lauren